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Personalized Puzzles!

Posted on April 10 2020

Personalized Puzzles!


Did you know how easy it is to get your own picture on a puzzle??!

It's super easy!

Now is the best time to surprise all your loved ones with some fun puzzles too! We are all stuck at home and a puzzle is a great activity for all ages.  You can get any type of puzzle too!

Small, big pieced kid friendly puzzles all the way to 1500 piece puzzles! You can choose one large picture or create your own collage of personal images.  Add some text too.  There are so many options to chose from :). Our favorite place to order a custom puzzle is Shutterfly! Click HERE to start your own!

Do a fun collage of childhood photos...


...Pictures of your beloved pet for the whole family...

...Send one to the grandparents... 


...Your most recent trip...


The possibilities are endless!! We just ordered a silly one for Mom & Dad.  Get yours today too! We got ours at but you can get yours anywhere! 


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