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Hannah Small Bag - Lavender

$298.00 USD
The Hannah Small Bag is the perfect all-around bag. It's versatile and highly functional with several pockets and an adjustable design.

- 100% cowhide
- Outside zip pockets and snap button pocket with adjustable width
- Inside zip pockets
- Snap button closure
- Shoulderstrap (detachable/adjustable)
- Padded handles
- Weight of garment: 2,08 pound

Dimensions: H:12.4 inches / L:10.6 inches / D:7.8 inches / HD: 8 inches / HW: 0,8 inches / SS: 24-49,2 inches /

The DAY&MOOD bags are made from 100% pure cow and buffalohide.

 The cowhide is buttery soft and has a sleek surface. The buffalohide is soft as well but slightly more firm with a light structure.

The way we handle our leather is highly focused on limiting the use of unnessecary chemicals. The safety of staff is one of our main priorities along with our environmental impact.

Buttery Soft


Leather Treatment

The leather has already been given a treatment as part of the production. Therefore, we do not recommend any further treatment.

 If the bag gets a stain, wringe out a cloth and gently wipe the stain away. If this is not enough, please don't hesitate to contact us for further advise.

If you at some point want to give your further treatment, for example if you want to even out the patina, we recommend a clear leather conditioner.