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Organic Shape Vase, Assorted

$15.00 USD
This charming and elegant, organic-shaped, white porcelain vase From East of India is beautifully produced with a clear glaze, and would make a gorgeous addition to any home, whether simply as an ornament, or with a little plant or flowers.
A simple line illustration of spring flowers is indented into the surface of each with a corresponding name of the design printed at the bottom. There are four designs and two sizes: 4.5" tall Glorious, 3.5" tall Wild flowers, 3.5" tall Bloom and 4.5" tall Handpicked. All four vases are 2" in diameter. The vase has an artisan feel to it and it's perfect as a pretty flower vase for a kitchen, bedroom or table setting.
This makes a lovely, thoughtful gift for a new home or special occasion. It comes beautifully packaged in a thick cardboard gift box; ready to wrap! Also fun to use for makeup brushes, art brushes, pencils, pens and more!